Success Leaves Clues – SWSWSW…NEXT

Some Will....

Some Will, Some Won’t, So What…NEXT!  This is a standard phrase in most direct selling and network marketing type selling organizations.  Yet, I think it can span the gap between direct selling/network marketing and other forms of selling (consultative, relational, complex, etc.)  The impact of this phrase is that it requires ACTION!  I’ve been selling for most of my adult life; doing it, teaching it at the University level, coaching, and designing sales development for many corporations and associations. I’ve been on both sides of this phrase more times that I can count.  I’ve chased people down, pestered them endlessly with emails and voice mails, and sent them many direct mail pieces which I felt would close the deal.  Yet, they did not buy from me, heck they did all they could do to AVOID me!  You see, I was convinced that EVERYONE would want what I was selling.  Heck, I am using it, you should too!  Yes, I was in action mode, yet doing the wrong action.

Then, there were the times where I would just sit there and do nothing.  Yep, like a bump on a log, just waiting for the world to buy my products and services, without any effort on my part. I created a pity party and was inviting everyone I could find to join me.  I was camped out in the “SW-SO WHAT” stage.  So what if nobody wants my product.  So what if nobody wants my service. So what if nobody in my management will listen to all my excuses to why I cannot see new people, get calls returned, get emails responded to.  It was at the point I realized that nobody cared! 

People buy for their own reasons not mine.  I’ve come to the point in my sales career that I am more fascinated that frustrated at the reasons people buy or do not buy what I am selling.  Recently, Sendoutcards, a very successful Greeting Card company who goes to market with the network marketing model of selling, reduced their product/service offering to FREE.  No cost to join, just pay a small monthly fee or opt for the pay-as-you-go feature.  Full access to their product, full access to their customer service department.  A revolution in their pricing.  WOW, you would think that EVERYONE would want this now.  I set a goal to recruit 10 new retail customers with this new model.  One option was FREE the other was $9.80/month as a retail customer.  The idea that it is easier for people to buy something under $10.00 than free; it just offers more value.

I started showing the 3.5 minute video that explains Sendoutcards.  I showed them samples, I even walked them through the process of sending a few cards on me.  Gift accounts for anyone who wanted to send someone they loved a card.  A real, genuine Greeting Card, send by the US Mail to any destination that has a mailing address.  Pretty good offer right?  Let me share with you some of the feedback:

  • WOW, Curt, that is really neat.  I just do not send cards to people.  Thanks.
  • Curt, I can see how this is really a good deal, I just do not have $9.80.
  • Curt, I need to ask my wife/husband about this, we typically have to agree to these types of things.
  • Well, I think I can get cards at Walmart for about 98 cents too. 
  • Curt, STOP the video…where do I sign up, this is AWESOME!

My point is that I was not frustrated with some of the reasons (excuses) offered.  I was fascinated due to my sales philosophy that people buy for their own reasons.  My 2nd point is that SWSWSW…NEXT requires you to take ACTION.  The …NEXT part of the phrase allows me (and you if you are in sales) to get the next prospect, the next customer, client, or patient.  The NEXT is the action, we have to be in action mode to continue to move the odds of selling to our favor.  If I stopped showing my 3.5 minute video on Sendoutcards after the 1st or 2nd “NO” I would have failed in the attempt to selling and to go beyond the standard objections.

Now I have been using a simple product, with an investment of less than $10.00  What about the $10,000 or $100,000 or $1m sale?  Yes, we have other tools in our bag for those types of complex and long cycle sales.  Yes, we have Strategic Selling, Relational Selling, Customer Centered Selling, and Value Based Selling.  Lots of options with simple and complex sales processes, value propositions, formal and informal presentations and proposal generation, and a whole lot more. 

Be it a simple Direct Selling or Network Marketing approach or assembling a complex puzzle of technical, economic, users, and coaches, the phrase still applies.  Some will buy what you are selling, some will not, and if we have a SO WHAT fascination to why, then we can recover and move to NEXT.  Let’s go find the next opportunity.

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