Action Verbs – Action Words

Kody Bateman is the creator and president of Sendoutcards.  As some of you know, I use Sendoutcards and love the product and service.  I am also an Independent Distributor like many others who enjoy the benefits of having a business like Sendoutcards.

SOC TV is the medium Kody uses to communicate to the distribution network.  Fascinating use of technology.  In the March 15th broadcast, Kody talks about Action Verbs and Two-Word connections.  I liked it so much; I am adding Kody’s ideas and Action Words to this blog post

  1. Embrace Challenges
  2. Respect Change
  3. Be Consistent
  4. Stay Humble
  5. Take Responsibility
  6. Choose Happiness
  7. Have Confidence
  8. Claim Victory

These 8 Action Verb – Action Words are powerful, easy to reflect on and easy to act on.  The challenge is to ACT ON THEM.  Print them out, place them where you can see them throughout the day.  Apply them in your conversation, in your actions, at home and on the job.  I could expand on them, yet I think Kody said it best.  If you would like to see the SOC TV (March 15, 2011 show) go to  The link is at the bottom of the page.  SOC TV.

Let me take just a few and expand on them here:

Choose Happiness – We are all faced with things in our lives that can be negative, dark, depressing, and less than favorable.  Let’s face it, challenges appear in our lives at times, yet we have choices.  We can choose to be happy or sad, frustrated or forgiven, joyful or full of sorrow, free or imprisoned.  I choose Happiness.  I make a choice, a decision; a determination to move in that direction.  I can choose the opposite yet what is the payoff?  “What would happen if…” 

Have Confidence – Confidence, with it you’re invincible, without it, invisible. We live in times where negativity dominates most of the information mediums which demand our attention.  TV, Radio, Web Sites, all have the power to tear down confidence.  People, places, things have the power to tear down or build up.  Who you hang around has influence on building or destroying your confidence.  What you read, listen to, watch..all have an impact, an influence on who you are, who you are becoming.  I choose Happiness and I have Confidence not because I wait for them to appear.  I am proactive in moving toward things and people who will add to my confidence and happiness.  I have a choice.  You have a choice.

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